Kinnaird has always been known for its shooting. Generations of Carnegies have been keen shots and the 800 acres of parkland and woods has been laid out for that purpose and maintained by the forestry department. Outside of the Park there are some dramatic contours but in general the shooting is suitable for every ability.

The estate offers larger days of over 150 with a complimentary lunch, starting with drinks and a casserole and hot pudding for the eight guns.  Guests will be welcomed at the front door and taken into the ante- hall for a coffee and a warm up. At the end of the day there is also the opportunity to relax and chat through things in the dedicated gun room.

We can equally arrange walked up days with smaller bags for just a handful of people within the park. With any of these we are happy to discuss individual requirements and will always try and accommodate individual requests.

Two gamekeepers manage the shoot and they also support surrounding syndicates with rearing and keepering.  They organise a team of beaters and dog handlers for picking up.

For the ultimate relaxation we can offer shooting parties the option of staying for the night before or after the shoot (or even both!). Eight bedrooms with their own bathrooms combined with the services of a chef will ensure a great experience.